Friday 15 April 2016

The Disney Princess Tag

I love a good Disney tag, so today I'm going to be doing the Disney princess tag, which I've been tagged to do a couple of times now. I'm including Anna and Elsa too.

1. Which princess do you like the least?
Snow White.

2. Which princess do you adore the most?
Aurora, she is just my absolute favourite.

3. Which princess do you relate to the most?
Whenever I do these quizzes on Buzzfeed, I end up with two answers: Belle and Rapunzel. Belle because I read a lot and love adventure I guess, and Rapunzel because I am just as enthusiastic and life-loving. But I guess I'll say Belle.

4. Which sidekick do you wish you had?
Oh my god, Meeko, he's my favourite ever.

5. Which best friend(s) would you love to hang out with? 
Can I say Meeko again for this? Oh no Lottie actually.

6. Which prince would you love?
Philip please.

7. Which parents would raise you?
I think Tiana's, so they can teach me to work hard for my dream.

8. Which castle do you want to live in? 
I want to live in le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant.

9. Which dress do you want to own?
Cinderella 2015. 

10. Which voice do you wish you had?
Ariel's. I want mermaid everything, so I'll start with a mermaid voice.

11. Which two princesses would be best friends?
Ooh, good one. I think Rapunzel and Ariel, as they're both full of curiosity and adventurous.

12. Which two princesses do you think would hate each other?
Merida and Cinderella.

13. Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?
Meeko and Pascal would be brilliant.

14. Which two princes would be best friends?
Aladdin and Flynn, they're both rogues after all.

15. Which scene makes you cry?
The lantern scene. Every. Single. Time.

16. Which scene makes you cheer?
When Eric stabs Ursula with the trident.

17. Which movie is your favourite soundtrack?

18. Which scene makes you cringe the most?
The scene where Hans turns out to be evil. 

19. Which story do you wish was your own? 
That is a hard one. I'm going to go with Belle's, just because of the library.

20. Which movie do you love the most?
Sleeping Beauty. It's just so beautiful.

I tag everyone who wants to join in the princess fun.


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