Friday 22 July 2016

A Trip to Barcelona

A few weeks ago now, myself and Lee went on a short trip to Barcelona. It was our third city break, because we go to Paris a lot, so we were excited to go somewhere new. We went when it was still terrible weather in the UK, so we were looking forward to some much needed sun, which we definitely got, with the temperatures reaching 30 all three days. We got there at about dinner time on the Monday, so we decided to go to the beach for the first day, we'd never really been to a beach together (apart from Blackpool) so it was a nice change, and it was nice to relax before our jam packed days that followed.

The second day was spent as most city break days are spent; sightseeing. We went to all the places that were on our list, and we found we could walk to them all, as Barcelona is nice and compact, and everything is just a walk away. We managed to see everything we wanted to very easily. 

The third day was a bit more chilled, we went to Park Guell hoping to see all the architecture, not knowing that you had to buy tickets to see it all, so when we got there they were selling tickets for five hours later, so we couldn't go there, so we had another walk around before we had to head to the airport. 

We had a wonderful time in Barcelona, and would definitely return. Now, to plan the next trip.


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