Sunday 4 September 2016

Rosie's Kitchen

As far as Stockport goes, there's not really very much in terms of nice places to eat. Then, one day, when Barratts shoes closed down, there was an empty unit. Fast forward a few months, and Rosie's Kitchen opened. I walked past it so many times thinking, I want to go in there, and, last Wednesday, I finally decided to go in.

The cakes alone were enough to make me want to go in, and the normal food was absolutely gorgeous too. Lee got a steak ciabatta and I got a fish finger sandwich, which consisted of cod goujons, mushy peas and tartar sauce on a brioche bun. It was honestly the nicest fish finger butty I've ever had, and Lee said his ciabatta was also lovely. I washed it down with a rise lemonade, which I obviously got because it was pink. Then came the cake choice. I ended up selecting a mint chocolate slice which I took home in a doggy bag. I love going out to eat and discovering new places, and Rosie's is now firmly at the top of my list of places in Stockport.


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