Thursday 3 November 2016

Mickey and Friends

Jumper Dress- Forever 21 / Skirt- Topshop

So when you read this, I will be at Disneyland Paris, I know I told you this in yesterday's post but I'm very excited about it. So I thought I would wear a nice Disney themed outfit. This jumper is actually a jumper dress, but after wearing it a few times as a jumper dress, I've decided that it's just too short, so I'm now wearing it as a sort of longline jumper, and longline is in nowadays (it is in men's shops anyway) so I'm wearing it with this ancient scallop edge skirt from Topshop. I thought the whole outfit was rather fitting, considering where I am. As I write this, it is about twelve days in advance, so I won't feel like a gross weirdo when I tell you that I'm wearing this jumper to travel in (as when you read this it'll only be three days after I've travelled) it is perfect for travel because it is comfy. I probably won't wear this skirt to travel though, it's too tight. Anyway, I'm rambling. I have one more scheduled post whilst I'm away, and then it'll be Disney/comic con fun all the way.


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