Monday 27 February 2017

Lush Baa Baa Bubble Bar

I am a huge fan of the limited edition, or seasonal, ranges at Lush, and every year I try and try at least one thing I've not used before. This year from the Mother's Day range I decided to go for the Baa Baa Bubble bar. (Side note, I was originally going to get the giraffe but it was £7 and I just wasn't up for paying that) 

I love the design of this bubble bar, it's so simple and yet so cute. It also has the hidden surprise of being purple on the inside of the sheep, which was a pleasant discovery. The scent was just lovely, and it made for a very bubbly bath. I couldn't recommend this product enough, it is simple and sweet, and leaves your skin feeling great. It would be a perfect Mother's Day present.


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