Tuesday 28 March 2017

What I'm Taking to Disneyland Paris

By the time you read this, I'll be in Disneyland Paris! So I thought I would share with you the things I am taking, after all, personal style has always been a part of this blog. I've sort of broken it down into sections: clothes, ears and jewellery, but the things I didn't photograph on their own are my Instax camera, sunglasses and my new bag, which I absolutely adore.

Clothes: I love planning Disney outfits, they are my favourites to plan. I will save the full outfit details for the outfit posts when I'm back, but I will tell you what each piece is. So the tops I'm taking are my Adorkable Apparel mermaid top, a sleeveless white blouse, which I will wear with a cardigan, and a blue blouse. The skirts are a pink tulle skirt that I got for Christmas specifically for going to Disney, another midi pink skirt and a Sleeping Beauty skirt. The other photo is my Minnie Mouse pyjamas.

Ears: I am taking a pair of ears for each day, and may buy some of the 25th anniversary ones while I'm there, but these are the tthree I'm taking. My Luby and Lola Aurora ears, my Peter Pan ears that Sophie made me, and some 25th Anniversary ears from Ears Ever After, which I won in a Twitter giveaway.

Jewellery: Finally, we have the jewellery. I have my Disney Couture castle necklace, a Swarovski bracelet with a little Tinkerbell on it that I got for my graduation, and my Aurora choker from Belles and Bows Boutique.

So that is my Disney trip wardrobe, I hope you like it.


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