Wednesday 9 August 2017

30 Before 30 Update

It is now only nine months until I turn 30 (scary, I know) and I compiled a 30 before 30 list jut after my birthday in May. Today, as it is my birthday in exactly nine months, I thought I would share a little update, like the one I did in June. So here we go.

2. Have every character meal at Disneyland Paris.
I have started to complete this one, having now eaten at both Cafe Mickey and Inventions, I now only have two more to go.

3. Book a trip to another Disney park.
I have officially booked my 30th birthday trip to Walt Disney World.

6. Complete an A-Z reading challenge.
I now only have I, Q and X left to read.

7. Write a fantasy novel.
I have started this one.

8. Go to a new place on holiday.
This one is happening on Friday. Lee and I are going to Amsterdam for the weekend.

18. Drink more water.
I now do this one, I drink at least 1 litre of water per day. Yay me.

25. Get a Disney or Harry Potter tattoo.
I have now decided on the tattoo I want, now it's just getting the money together for it.

27. Write a Disneyland Paris travel guide.
I am well on my way with this one.

28. Eat at as many places in Disneyland Paris as I can.
I am also on my way with this one, I ate at three new places on my most recent trip; Inventions, Hakuna Matata and Au Chalet de la Marionette.

29. Go on a team swim holiday.
This one was achieved in June, when we went to Disneyland Paris together.

What a successful month, I'll give you another update next month.


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