Tuesday 22 August 2017

Amsterdam Day One

As you may know, I recently spent a weekend in Amsterdam. We arrived on the Friday night but we didn't actually do anything other than eat and go to bed when we got there, so I am starting with Saturday. 

So we got up and had our breakfast at the Botel (which was amazing by the way) at around 8, as we had tickets for the Van Gogh museum at 10, which I'm very glad we did as the queues were massive for it! We spent a good hour and a half in the Van Gogh museum, admiring the paintings and rolling our eyes at the people who were taking photos despite being told numerous times not to. After the museum, we walked around the museum quarter for a while, before finding somewhere to eat lunch. We had amazing burgers with gouda cheese on and then shared a pancake, and I had possibly the nicest cider I've ever tasted.

After lunch we went for a walk along the canals, taking in the many many sights and snapping away at all the beautiful buildings, before heading back to our Botel to freshen up before the other thing we'd booked for the evening: the Heineken experience. I enjoyed the Heineken experience, despite not liking beer, and I would recommend it to anyone. After this, we went for an Italian (where I had calamari as a MAIN!) and had a quick waffle stop before heading back to the Botel with a bottle of wine.


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