Thursday 24 August 2017

Amsterdam Day Two

On our second (and final) day in Amsterdam, we got up and had breakfast and then we saw that there was a Martin Scorsese exhibition on at the film museum, so we tried to go to that but had no luck, so we decided to head to Vondelpark for the morning whilst the weather was still lovely and warm. We spent a bit of time there then went and did some more exploring, coming across the infamous red light district whilst trying to find a church.

After that, we decided to get some lunch and then go walk about a bit more, looking at the sights, before heading to the Anne Frank house, which we queued for an hour and a half for, which I didn't think was too bad considering how many people visit it. It was a different experience, very eerie but I'm glad I went to it. After we'd been to the Anne Frank house, we perused around the shops, headed somewhere for tea (and somewhere for Lee to watch some of the football) and then said our goodbyes to Amsterdam and heading to the airport. It was a great trip and I would recommend it to anyone. Now to start picking the next place to go and explore.


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