Wednesday 6 September 2017

Why Gilmore Girls is my Favourite Programme

It's now September, which for me means an annual rewatch of my favourite ever television programme; Gilmore Girls. This year during my rewatch I wanted to write a blog post all about why I love this show and why it has become my favourite.

My number one reason that I love Gilmore Girls so much is the sheer escapism that it brings. It is a show that is far removed from the reality that I know, and that's why I love it so much. I love escapism, it's the reason that fantasy is my favourite genre of film, I like the things that I watch to not be anything like real life, which is why the residents of Stars Hollow are my favourites.

The other reasons that I love Gilmore Girls include, but are not limited to, the many references to other things in the show, from films to music to tv shows to other parts of pop culture, it is so cleverly written and of its time, that its genius. The writing of the show is just perfect, the pace of it is also amazing, I love how fast paced it is. And my final reason which I'm going to talk about here is the fact that this show praises being smart and loving to read, which I feel that so few shows do.

So there are the main reasons I love Gilmore Girls. Is everyone else a fan? 


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