Tuesday 3 October 2017

Disneyland Paris October Bucket List

So I have some exciting news: I am returning for a very quick 2 day trip to Disneyland Paris! I'll be in the parks tomorrow and Tuesday. And as we all know, with a new trip comes a new bucket list. It'll be a short list this time as it's such a short trip, but I'm making one nonetheless.

1. See all the new Halloween entertainment.
2. Meet Mickey and Minnie in their new Halloween outfits.
3. Meet Jack Skellington.
4. Try and get one of those flipping grey jumpers.
5. Meet the Cheshire Cat.
6. Try some of the Halloween snacks.
7. Meet Cruella.
8. Meet Maleficent in my Maleficent ears.
9. Get some good photos of the parade.
10. Watch the Starlir Princess Waltz in the dark.

I think this is a very manageable list. Fingers crossed.


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