Tuesday 5 December 2017

Home Bargains Gingerbread Candle

A couple of weeks ago, to get in to the festive spirit, I went in to home bargains in search of a Christmas candle: I had a mulled wine one from there last year and was looking for that one again. I didn’t find the mulled wine one, however, I did find this gingerbread one, and I picked it up, as I thought it would be a perfect way to start feeling festive. 

Normally with cheaper candles, you don’t get as strong a scent as you would with a more expensive candle, but this is not the case with this one; it absolutely fills the room with fragrance, and smells good enough to eat. It lasts for quite a while too, I’ve still got a little bit of mine left, however I might light that tonight now as I’m in the mood for a festive fragrance. Oh, and did I also mention that this candle costs 99p. Yep, that’s right, it’s less than a pound. Definitely reason to stock up on a few.


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