Monday 11 December 2017

The Story of A Nutcracker by Alexandre Dumas

I actually love the ballet The Nutcracker, it makes me feel so Christmassy and it never fails to get me into the festive spirit. However, I never really knew what it was based on, until I saw this book. The ballet is inspired by the story by E T A Hoffman, via this story by Alexandre Dumas, so when I was looking for a Christmas book to read this December, I found this to be the perfect choice.

The story that all ballet fans know and love, that of a young girl who receives a Nutcracker for Christmas, who then comes to life and battles a mouse king, and turns into a prince, is all there, and despite a name change from Clara to Marie, is the same throughout. The story has magic pouring out of it, and I absolutely loved it.


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