Thursday 1 February 2018

What I Read: January

The end of January has come, which means that it’s time to post another what I read roundup. January wasn’t a great month for reading, so I’ll need to start reading faster for the rest of the year, but I did read a bit, so here are the books I read.

The Book of Dust: La Belle Sauvage by Phillip Pullman
I have been waiting for this book for years and years, and boy was I excited to get it for Christmas. I absolutely pored over it and Pullman has written it just as perfectly as the HDM trilogy. However, I did not know that it was a prequel, so that was a nice surprise too.

The Iliad by Homer
I found this in the library whilst sitting down for a read, and, having always wanted to read some ancient classics, I took it out. I really enjoyed it; it didn’t feel like I was just reading a long poem, and it flowed like a story.

The Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann
I haven’t even finished reading this yet, so I’m not properly going to talk about it, but I loved the series as a child, and I’m enjoying the book so far.

Hopefully my February reads will be a bit longer.


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