Friday 8 June 2018

Disneyland Paris FanDaze: Day Two

Day two of my Disneyland Paris FanDaze trip began somewhat late; we didn’t get to the park until 12. In fairness though, we had been up until almost 4am the day before. So we started our day at a nice glacial pace. We went to meet a very special Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore, which I was absolutely delighted about because I’d never met Pooh bear before. Whilst we were in the queue the amazing CM gave us a magical moment, and handed us a voucher for a free key ring each! So, with excitement in our heads, we decided to go and get some ice cream from the beautiful Fantasia Gelati (it has scenes from the Beethoven section of Fantasia painted on the walls (yes, I mean the centaurettes)) where we met Connie (Noodlerella) and Adel (Adelicate) and chatted for a while about all things Disney food, Instagram, and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. We then went and watched the Anniversary show, and met Harriet to go for some food in Toad Hall.

After lunch, we watched The Starlit Princess Waltz, and then went over to Pirates of the Caribbean because it had a 5 minute wait, and we got on the front of the boat and got an amazing picture. Then we took our place for the parade, which was amazing as always, and then got slushes, met Harriet, Richy and Gataene, and went on Big Thunder Mountain, where we got another brilliant picture. After that, we heard that there would be characters meeting in Main Street, so we went over there and ended up meeting Mary Poppins and a penguin. After that, we were still very tired, so we went and got a Casey’s, picked our key rings and headed back to the hotel for the final time.

I had the most wonderful weekend at FanDaze, I saw so many friends and met so many new people, and I left early on Monday morning with my little heart full to the brim.


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