Wednesday 11 September 2019

Walt Disney World Days 11 and 12

And just like that, we were at the last full day at the parks. We decided we had to end the holiday at Magic Kingdom, so we went there first thing after our Disney Hotel breakfast, and went on Carousel of Progress and the Peoplemover, took some purple wall photos, bought a load of pins, and soaked up some of that wonderful Disney atmosphere. We then went to meet Grace in EPCOT to say our goodbyes to her (and to have a pineapple Fanta) and Sam got some Disney wall photos of his own. We then went back to the hotel for a wander round and a swim, and we spent a lovely couple of hours at the Flippin Fins pool, before getting changed and heading back to Magic Kingdom, where we instantly went to get Casey’s hotdogs and watched the Dance Party parade. We then went on Big Thunder, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and It’s A Small World, before deciding to opt out of watching the fireworks and having a nice quiet evening at the hotel.

Our last morning in the parks had come, so we sadly went and checked out of our suite, stored our cases and went for one final time to Magic Kingdom, where we went on Buzz Lightyear, the Peoplemover, Dumbo and the teacups, before going to our final two fast passes of the trip; meeting Rapunzel and Tiana and Mickey and Minnie. On our way to the princesses, we saw the FairyGodmother was meeting, so we also did that and it was perfect. We then met the princesses, took a slow walk down MainStreet, watched the dapper dans and met Mickey and Minnie, before heading back to the hotel to get lunch and pick up our cases, and then heading to the airport to come home.

It was honestly the most magical 12 days ever, and I can’t wait to go back. In fact, Sam and I are already planning our next trip, so it wasn’t a goodbye really, it was a see ya real soon.


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