Wednesday 1 January 2020

The Roaring Twenties

Happy New Year everyone! I know I’ve not blogged in the longest time, but one of my new year’s resolutions is to write every day, and so I’m making my triumphant return to blogging. I was going to do a whole 2019 in review post, but considering I really fell off the blogging train last year, I thought I’d just show you a snippet of my highlights, which include; 

Getting my hair cut, going to Disneyland Paris three times, going to MCM Expo twice, seeing friends, starting a new job after being made redundant, and going to Walt Disney World did the first time.

So that, in a nutshell, was my 2019. But this is a post about 2020, or, the start of the roaring twenties, take two, so I’m here today to talk about that. I have a few big resolutions/goals for the year, and some mini ones, of which I’ll go in to more detail about in my next post, but here are my big resolutions/goals for 2020;

Write every day.
Take more care of myself/ indulge in more self-care.
Save up to move house.
Be more comfortable in my body.
Go somewhere new on holiday.

And, my goal for every year: live my best life.

I have mini goals for each month, and I’ll talk about why I’m doing that in my next post, so I will leave this post here, and say one final happy new year, and remind you all to enjoy the last little bits of the season before we all have to go back to work. Joking, most of us have already been back.


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