Saturday 4 February 2023

Our Engagement Story

Main Street USA

It was the first day of our long-awaited trip to Walt Disney World, 9th June 2022. Jet lag had hit us hard so we got up at 5am and went for a walk around the resort we were staying in, Pop Century.

As we were staying in a Disney Resort, we got extra magic time in the parks, and we decided to head to Magic Kingdom after breakfast to see the castle decorated in its 50th best. So we got on the Disney bus to MK.

When we got to Main Street USA, my favourite part of the park, we saw a photopass photographer with a short wait. Because it wasn’t very busy in the park yet, Sam told me to go and have some photos by myself first, and because I never turn down a chance of getting good photos for Instagram, I went ahead and did so.

After I’d had a few pictures, Sam came to join me for a picture together, and that’s when he got down on one knee. I burst into tears and of course said yes straight away, whilst the photopass photographer snapped away and the other guests on Main Street cheered and congratulated us! 

Unbeknownst to me, Sam had also asked the family behind us to take pictures for us, and they also videoed the whole thing, so we had personal photos as well as the Disney ones, which made it even more special. We then went and took some more photos at the castle, got celebration buttons from the Emporium, and celebrated by going on the teacups.

This is the story of how Sam and I got engaged, and the fact that it happened on Main Street USA with the AM loop on in the background was perfect.

We spent the rest of our holiday (except the second day, which was all about Sam’s 30th) getting photopass engagement pictures in every park, and even got more celebration buttons from Disneyland to top it off.

Stay tuned for more wedding content over here, we have an exciting year ahead.


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