Tuesday 2 September 2014

Embracing Autumn

Well, now that it's September, Autumn is officially here, a time of year I usually dread. I dislike being cold, I dislike the rain, and I really dislike wearing jeans. However, this year I have decided to not hate life until next Spring. And inspired by Megan's Summer Bucket List and Elizabeth's 20 Things to do this Autumn, I've decided to create my own little Autumn Bucket List.

1. Learn how to carve a pumpkin, and do it!
2. Bake some pumpkin goodies.
3. Pick some conkers.
4. Knit a new scarf.
5. Buy some new gloves (not from Primark; ones that will last)
6. Take some photographs of all the lovely colours Autumn has to offer.
7. Go berry picking.
8. Drink lots of hot chocolate.
9. Make a Halloween costume.
10. Make some Autumn decorations (even if it's just candles).
11. Eat some seasonal fruit/veg.
12. Get excited about outfit combinations including knitwear.
13. Take an Autumn trip.
14. Learn how to make crumble.
15. Make my own soup.

And, last but not least,

 16. Don't whinge about the cold.

I think doing all of these things will finally make me excited about Autumn. I know some of them are really small things, like drinking hot chocolate, but I really do not appreciate all the wonder that Autumn brings. At all. It just makes me sad to not be in education anymore, yes, that's right; I love education. So hopefully, this list will work. I'll keep you all updated, and be sure to follow my Autumn Inspiration board on Pinterest to see more Autumn things that inspire me.



  1. Joining you on the pumpkin carving! I can give you a yummy recipe for pumpkin and chocolate chip muffins too if you like? x

  2. That's a nice little list you've got there! Autumn is such a beautiful time of year though I think! So many awesome colours and the outfit choices are incredible!