Sunday 26 October 2014

Pinafore Dreams

Pinafore- BooHoo
Blouse- Primark
Coat- Topshop
Shoes- Forever 21

Ahh pinafores. Remember last year when they were huge? I miss it, and I like to wear things that I like even when they're not "on trend" or whatever. This outfit is sort of an ode to the pinafore craze, even though it does look a bit wonky in these photos.

The pinafore in question is from BooHoo. I first saw it on Olivia and knew I had to buy it, so, when the next payday came around, that's exactly what I did. Here I paired it with the Primark blouse that I seem to wear pretty much everytime I have a photo taken, my amazing Toppers pink coat, and little Oxfords from Forever 21. I seem to wear the same clothes day in, day out for work (working in a clothes shop will do that to you), so on my days off I like to delve into my wardrobe and make a bit of an effort.


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