Wednesday 19 November 2014

Autumnal Florals

Dress, blouse, boots- Primark
Coat, hat- Topshop

Now that it's cold all the time, I have decided to start doing some layering, and the first combination I thought of when deciding on some layers is this blouse and dress. The dress is actually a dress I bought in the Summer, but I think it transfers well in to this season too, with the red perfectly blending with the lovely colours of Autumn (people keep saying it's Winter now even though it isn't), and the floral print of the dress add to this even more. 

I actually have a story about this outfit. I've been wearing it every Sunday for about four weeks so Lee could take some pictures of it for me, but every week something happened; either it started raining, or the batteries on my camera went, or we just spent the whole day inside, but, we prevailed, and this week we finally managed to get it. Now I'm glad I can start wearing different clothes again.


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  1. your outfit looks gorgeous! love the dress