Thursday 4 December 2014

Decorations Wishlist

Living at home, I don't really get much of a say in the decorations that go up at Christmas. So every year I see lots of lovely things that I'd definitely buy if I lived on my own. Luckily, by this time next year I will live on my own (well, with Lee), so this year I can actually buy some things to save for the years to come. 

This Yankee Candle votive holder from the sugar plum village collection is actually beautiful. It's no secret that I love pastels, and this whole collection is made up of them! I'm definitely planning on getting it, I'll just keep it in my bedroom this year. Similarly to this, the M&S snow globe also has a pastel-y theme, which I will probably also snap up. More snow globes that I love are these Disney princess ones. I think I get my love of snow globes from my parents; we've always had them in the house.

The little Christmas tree stand up decoration thing is from Next. I like Next's general home stuff, and the Christmas stuff is also dreamy, I like this because it's a tiny bit different. The felt heart garland is really nice and traditional, we never have anything like that at home, so it'd be a nice change. Finally, you can't have a Christmas decorations wishlist without some baubles, right? These John Lewis ones are pastel perfect.

What's on your decorations wishlist?


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