Saturday 24 January 2015


Dress, jumper- Primark
Shoes- Topshop

I know you're thinking I must be mad, going outside sans coat in this weather, but it was only for about ten minutes, I got sick of coats dominating all of my outfit posts. The quick pop out to take outfit pictures is also the reason I'm in exactly the same place as my last outfit post (Lee's back garden, fyi) it's simply too cold lately to spend much time outdoors. Anyway, moan about the weather over.

I first got this dress to wear to go to afternoon tea for my birthday last year, but I wanted to wear it in the chillier months too, so I layered it over a jumper, which I seem to have a tiny bit of a reputation for these days. I'm wearing all Primark, as ever, and I can certainly see myself incorporating more of my Spring clothes into my Winter wardrobe now.



  1. Cute shoes, so retro!

  2. you're so cute, adore outfit