Thursday 19 February 2015

Trafalgar Square

Dress- Dahlia
Jumper- Paris
Scarf- Handmade
Coat, Shoes- Topshop
Hair Clips- Crown & Glory

Here's the second of my London outfits, and this one is again taken in a really tourist-y place: Trafalgar Square. I actually have a funny story about when Lee was taking these pictures for me. A boy came up to me, this always happens to me when I'm in London, and asked me if he could take some photos of me for a fashion project he was doing. As if I'm fashionable! 

Anyway, on with the outfit. I decided to wear London born and bred brand Dahlia. I bought this dress two years ago and I still absolutely adore it. I love Dahlia, but I can rarely afford it, so I'm glad that the clothes last so long. I think it's a perfect dress for any season, and it looks great with Wintery ensembles as well as Spring/Summer wear.


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