Thursday 22 October 2015

We'll Always Have Paris

Yep, that's right, we went to Paris again. It seems to happen whenever Lee and I have time off together, and I can honestly say I wouldn't change that for the world. We love Paris, and while we will make it to some new places eventually (more on that soon) we really love Paris, and so a second trip this year seemed worth it, we honestly never get bored of it.

I decided to start vlogging this trip (more on that soon too) so I didn't take as many pictures as usual this time, hence why I'm not dividing the posts up in to days like I did last time. This time, I thought I'd just give you a brief overview of what we did. We wandered around Montmartre on the first day; it's always our Paris base, but we usually get too swept away by seeing all the central sights, so we don't usually walk around Montmartre, which all changed this trip. We went to the Place du Tertre, which I can't pronounce well, watch out for that in the vlog, and ate at one of our favourite cafes.

The second day we went for the sights; the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame. We also went to Laduree and a giant Disney store, which made me really happy. We went to the Louvre on this day too, which was really nice, as we hadn't been there for a while, and then finished the night with a pizza and wine. The third day we were at Disneyland, but that always warrants it's own post, and then on the final half a day we went to Montmartre Cemetery (and I saw the graves of both Degas and Njinsky- eep)

I absolutely adored Paris in the Autumn, and can't wait to do it all again, which, let's face it, will probably happen in the near future.


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