Wednesday 25 November 2015

Whittard's Strawberry White Hot Chocolate

It's nearly Winter now, which, in my eyes means one thing: hot chocolate aplenty! (Well, there's Christmas too, but I've got a whole month of that coming up) Up until around 2013, I'd only ever drank standard instant hot chocolate, Cadbury's and the like, which I still do drink a lot of, but then I discovered what I could've quite possibly named my favourite thing ever; white hot chocolate. I spent a lot of money in coffee shops, drinking endless amounts of the stuff, weeping at how quickly my wages were disappearing. Then, on an impromptu trip to Cheshire Oaks, I went into Whittard's to track down some Alice in Wonderland stuff and I found my dream drink; strawberry white hot chocolate.

This drink is undoubtedly the best hot chocolate I have ever had. I have a massive sweet tooth, so the yummy sweetness of the drink is perfect for me, and the strawberry and white chocolate flavours blend together perfectly. And, what's even better, the tin lasts such a long time, even with the amount I drink. I would highly, highly recommend getting some, I know I'll be restocking mine in time for the seemingly everlasting Winters we have in England.


1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness this looks incredible! I am a hot chocolate addict and I love trying new flavours so definitely want to get this! Thanks for the heads up :) x

    Georgina x