Saturday 28 November 2015

Lush Christmas Wishlist

It's pretty much a year to the day that I tried my first ever Lush product, and since then I've been hooked; buying at least one product a month. So, with the Christmas range coming back again, I thought I'd put together a little products I want to buy myself list, in the form of a little wishlist.

So we have: Star Dust, Peeping Santa, Yog Nog, Five Gold Rings, Snow Fairy, Candy Mountain, Magic Wand, Butterbear and Snow Fairy. I'm sure I'll be treating myself to a few of these on my next day off.

What are your favourite Christmas Lush products?



  1. My fav Lush product is the Vanilla Dee Lite but they stopped producing them :(
    I have one full bottle of it and I am only using it on weekends. But I also love all the other body lotions or face creams.

  2. I really love the Magic Wand and Snow Fairy, I'm addicted to that smell! (It smells a bit like Calpol to me and I loved Calpol when I was little haha!) I need to stock up before they go. The Five Gold Rings look adorable and I definitely want to try the Butterbear!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer