Sunday 28 February 2016

Princess Aurora Make It Blue Cosplay

Yesterday I showed you my pink Aurora cosplay, and today it's the turn of my blue Aurora cosplay. I made this dress second, when I ended up being able to go to both days of LSCC, and this is what I wore on the second day. Although I do love the pink dress (I even have a phone case to prove it) I do prefer the colours of this one so much more. The contrasts look better on the blue dress, and if I ever remake an Aurora dress, this will be the one I choose to do.

I made the dress the same way as I made the pink one: top first, then attached the skirt and the peplum, and the white section and the sleeves are separate. My only snag with these cosplays is the fact the crown is the wrong colour, and I don't have the necklace. I'll work on that for next time. As always, you can head over to my cosplay page for more, and for my next planned cosplays (I ordered the material for my next one today and I am very excited for it to arrive.)



  1. OH my god I can't believe you MADE this, I was reading the post hoping I could see where to buy this cosplay haha. I'd love to get into Disney cosplay! It's definitely on my 2016 bucket list.

    Steph -

  2. Yay it's always great to find other Disney cosplayers' blogs :) x Sleeping Beauty is my favourite princess and you suit her so well. Well done on making the dress xx