Wednesday 14 September 2016

My Hogwarts Story

1. Are you pure-blood, half-blood or muggle born?

I think I would probably be half-blood. Or pure-blood. Yeah, actually, pure-blood.

2. Which wand chose you? What is it made of?

My wand chose me on Pottermore, it's laurel wood with a unicorn core, 14 and a quarter inch, and a slightly springy flexibility.

3. Did you take an owl, cat or toad with you?

100% took a cat.

4. What house did the sorting hat place you in?


5. What house did you want to be in?

I'm glad I got Slytherin, but I would've also liked to have been in Ravenclaw.

6. What are your favourite and least favourite lessons?

My favourite is a toss-up between charms and transfiguration, and my least favourite is divination.

7. The form your Patronus takes is...

I think a gazelle or a deer. I think these animals have a youthful spirit, much like myself. Plus, y'know, the whole being a dancer thing.

8. When confronted with a Boggart, what form does it take? 


9. Do you partake in any sports or magical hobbies?

Definitely not Quidditch, maybe Flitwick's orchestra or choir.

10. Where do you spend your free time?

Probably in the library, or Hogsmeade.

11. You are most likely to get detention for what?

I would never get detention.

12. What career would you like after Hogwarts?

I would like to be a teacher, at either Hogwarts or Beaxbatons.


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