Monday 13 February 2017

Winter Pinks

Jumper, Boots- Primark / Coat- Topshop / Beret- eBay / Dress- Uniqlo / Sailor Moon Badges- HMV

I've almost made my way through all of my Christmas present clothes now, I promise. Almost two months later, and I'm still photographing them, I'm so behind the times. Anyway, how cold has it been this past week? Normally I throw all my Winter essentials to one side for the purpose of outfit photos, but this weekend I just couldn't; so I decided to embrace it and actually have photos in a hat, gloves and scarf. I bought this beret after watching Moonrise Kingdom obviously, and I wear it literally every day when it's cold. 

This jumper is also actually the warmest jumper I own, I don't know what it is, but it actually makes me feel like I'm not going to actually catch frostbite when I wear it (by the way, if you've not noticed by now, I really don't like being cold) I love how it looks layered over floral dresses.

A final piece of news is I've decided to come up with an actual posting schedule for all my content! I know! My new year's resolution was to be more productive, so I think being more organised will help this. So, as of next week, I will be blogging four days a week, doing YouTube for two days and then having one day off, which I think will be Thursdays. Yes, Thursdays. So my new posting schedule will be: blog posts Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and YouTube Tuesday and Saturday. You can find my channel here if you want to keep up with my attempt to be organised.


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