Tuesday 21 March 2017

My Minnie Ear Collection

Before last April, I didn't really have an ear collection, I just had the regular red spotty park ones. I didn't really think that custom ears were that popular. Then I went on my April trip last year, and I noticed that a few of the people who were there had some different ears, so I decided I would try some other ears, and maybe build up a little collection, so today I thought I would show you my  collection so far. It definitely has a lot of growing to do, I'm even planning on buying another parks pair next week (or maybe two...) but here are the ones I have so far.

Standard Parks version: The black ones with the red and white polka dot bow are the standard Disney park ears, and a pair that absolutely every Disney park fan will own. I have had them forever, and I still wear them from time to time.

Cath Kidston version: These ears were given away at the last Disney x Cath Kidston launch to the first 100 (?) customers, of which my mum was one. She bought a phone case and surprised me with the eras.

Princess inspired ears: These Aurora and Ariel inspired ears are what I bought for my Halloween trip last year. They were from Luby and Lola, and, as my first pairs of custom ears, they are very special to me. I am actually taking a pair to Disneyland Paris next week.

Peter Pan inspired ears: These Peter Pan style ears are my ear purchase for this trip, and they were made for me by the wonderful Sophie Kean. I am so excited to wear them, and I hope I get to meet some Neverland friends next week.

I can't wait to buy even more ears for my collection.


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