Friday 24 March 2017

A Love Letter to Disney Magic on Parade

Magic Everywhere, All that you imagine, Celebrate the pageant, Before your eyes
In a world of light We all come together, Neverland’s for ever, For all our lives

I am actually getting emotional writing this. So today marks the last ever Magic on Parade, and whilst I am excited for the 25th anniversary and all the new things, there is a huge part of me that is really going to miss this parade. It was the first thing I truly fell in love with at Disneyland Paris as an adult, and I can't actually believe I'll never see it again. I know Dreams was amazing (I can't believe I'm talking about these two things in past tense now) but Magic on Parade was absolutely something else for me, from the music to the floats to the tiny little differences that they sometimes had from day to day on each parade, this parade will remain my favourite thing I've ever experienced at Disneyland Paris, to me it was just perfect.

I have so many amazing memories of this parade, it is impossible to count them all, but, instead of me emotionally rambling on for a bit longer, I thought I would let some photos do the rest of the talking for me, before I full on cry. Magic on Parade, I love you.

Celebrating magic, wonder, joy and laughter
Memories you’ll keep long after
Sharing all the magic everywhere
Friends come from
Every corner of the world
To feel the magic
That is real
Magic Everywhere



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