Wednesday 5 April 2017

My Disney Outfit Photo Ops 2

Time for the second one of my Disneyland Paris outfit photos in photo ops, and today it is the turn of Le Carrousel de Lancelot, aka, my favourite thing in the whole world ever. I absolutely adore carousels, my secret dream if I ever win the lottery is to buy an old carousel and have it in my back garden. They just fascinate me. The one at Disneyland Paris is beautiful, so I decided that on the day that I was wearing my most princess-y outfit (and my first ever Disneybound (Aurora)) that I wanted my outfit photo op to be with the carousel one. It is also my favourite photo op because look how pretty the horse is! 

Anyway, the outfit. I got this skirt for Christmas with the intention of wearing it at Disney, because, if you can't wear flouncy skirts there then where can you wear them? Exactly. I paired it with an ancient blue blouse, and my Aurora ears as an ode to make it pink/ make it blue. I've never actually Disneybounded before, so I think I did ok but I don't actually know, but I loved the outfit anyway, and I'll definitely be wearing the skirt again.

I have one final photo op outfit post for you before the posts containing the spoilers start. You have been warned.


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