Wednesday 28 March 2018

My Disney Pins

I have just realised today that I’ve never done a blog post on one of my biggest Disney collections; pins! So I think now is the time to change all that! 

My main pins that I collect are Sleeping Beauty, Disneyland Paris and Peter Pan, but I also have small collections of Rapunzel, Ariel, Star Wars and Alice in Wonderland. Additionally, I also have a Pocahontas and a Lion King one from the Disney Store 30th anniversary collections (I gave the Hunchback one away), and I also have two free badges from Disneyland Paris too. I’ll detail where I got each pin from below the pictures, but here they are in closer detail.

2016 Aurora and Phillip, Aurora pink dress, Phillip and Aurora- Disneyland Paris
Briar Rose, Prince Phillip, Princess Fantasy Faire, Christmas Aurora- MCM Expo

Carousel Peter Pan horse, Peter and Wendy- MCM Expo
Sitting Peter Pan- Disneyland Paris 
Bastille Day Peter Pan- Disneyland Paris via eBay

All Disneyland Paris, but the Dreams one is via eBay, and the Mary Poppins one I bought from Eleanor.

All Disneyland Paris.

Rapunzel, Ariel, Alice with Dinah and Star Wars pins- Disneyland Paris 
Alice ear hat pin- MCM Expo
Alice diamond pin- secret Santa gift
Pocahontas and Lion King- Disney Store

What pins do you all collect?


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