Wednesday 13 February 2019

Walt Disney World Wednesday 1

Welcome to another new series; and a very magical one at that. I think you all know by now that I have a complicated relationship with Walt Disney World; after all, I have booked and cancelled two holidays to the resort in the past few years. Now, I have done it again, but this time I know for sure I am definitely 100% going to Walt Disney World, and I know this because I am now going on a pre-arranged holiday.

I’ll explain more, I am going with my new-ish boyfriend Sam and his family, as they were already going anyway, and they very kindly decided to invite me along. So now I am going on the dream holiday! 

I will keep this series going every couple of Wednesdays whilst I/we do the planning, but I am extremely excited! I’m going for 11 days on the 10th July, and I couldn’t be more over the moon that this is finally happening.


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