Sunday 17 March 2019

Disneyland Paris February 2019: Day Three

Day three of our Disneyland Paris trip again started with photos; I was roped in to photographing an entire shoot for a family whilst I waited for Sam, who’d sent me away whilst he went and bought something. I didn’t mind though, and I was full of excitement as we were on our way to have a princess breakfast at Auberge de Cendrillon. The breakfast was absolutely amazing, we got pastries and Mickey Waffles and fruit and oatmeal and veal sausages and endless hot chocolate, and we got to meet Snow White, Cinderella, and, my favourite princess, Aurora. During the breakfast Sam surprised me with a beautiful castle necklace, which all of the princesses loved, and I have sworn to wear every single day for the rest of time.

After our breakfast we watched Team Princesses again, and, seeing as we were wearing our Team Pirates and Team Princesses sweaters, we got fantastic interaction from the guest flow Cast Members, which carried on throughout the day. We went and had lunch at Hakuna Matata, and went on Big Thunder, Casey Jr, the Teacups and Hyperspace Mountain again, before heading to Central Plaza to watch our final Make Your Choice. We then ended the trip the way we’d started it by going on Star Tours, which we’ve now decided we have to do on every future Disney trip, and had Croque Monseiurs before having to get our TGV back to the airport for our flight back to Gatwick.

We had the most magical time, and are now very excited for our next Disney holiday together.


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