Monday 3 August 2020

A Weekend Down South

A couple of weekends ago, Sam and I decided we needed to get away from Stockport for a few days. We’ve been more than good during lockdown, and with both of us feeling the cabin fever, we decided we would go and spend a weekend down south visiting Sam’s family (who we hadn’t seen since February)

We drove down on Wednesday after work, and we made really good time, one perk of the roads being less busy, and I had an excellent nights sleep. We woke up early Thursday morning, and had a tasty breakfast of croissants, before driving to Kent so Sam could pick up his new car. Afterwards, we went for an afternoon in St Albans, where we saw a couple of friends in the park, and had waffles. It was lovely and warm, and when we got back to Sam’s parents, we had our evening meal in the garden and then had a relaxing evening. Friday was another warm day, and we went for lunch at Caffè Nero with Sam’s mum whilst we waited for the dog to have her hair cut. We had an afternoon in the garden, splashing in the pool and playing badminton (not me) before having a bbq in the evening.

On Saturday we headed into Brighton for a few hours, and despite the wind I was overjoyed to see the sea again. We had fish & chips and doughnuts, wandered around, and I spent too much money in Artbox Cafe. We then headed back to have homemade pizzas, before driving back up North to end the weekend. All in all, it was a lovely few days, and it was great to get away, and we were lucky we did, because we in Greater Manchester aren’t allowed to go and see anyone again now. Sigh.


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