Sunday 12 October 2014

Nail Art: Frankenstein

Welcome to my first instalment of 'attempting to get back into nail art'. I decided to start with a suitably Halloween-y themed one, which I'll be carrying on each week until Halloween.

So, first up, it's Frankenstein. You'll need green, white and black for this one, and a nail art brush (or pens if you're fancy).

1. Paint your nails green.

2. Paint the cuticle part black for the hair.

3. Paint two big-ish White dots for the eyes with your nail art brush.

4. Dot a smaller black circle inside the White circle for the pupil. Paint a black line across the bottom for the mouth. Then paint some small stripes on the black line for the sewn effect of the mouth.

Et voila, you have Frankenstein nails. 

I hope this tutorial was ok and easy to follow, I'm by no means a pro at this so it just proves that anyone can have a go. Let me know if any of you try this, you can tweet me @nicdolan if you do.

See you next time.

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