Thursday 15 January 2015

Elsa and Anna 1: Inspiration

So I've decided, after much deliberating, I'm going to start delving in to the world of cosplay. As ever, I've been inspired by Megan, and, like Megan, Frozen has been the catalyst for this decision. I'm going to a Frozen singalong later on in the year with my friend Sam, and, after we decided that we'd go dressed as Anna and Elsa, I said I'd make us some costumes, and so my cosplay adventure begins. I thought I'd share my journey with you all, and that means starting at the very beginning; with good old mood boards. Mood boards were the starting point for every single project I did at uni, so I'm very used to them now. They are a good way to start a project, and I think they will definitely help to keep me focused in this project.


Images from The Briar Rose Blog and Google

I'm so glad that the first character I've chosen to cosplay myself is Elsa. She has the best outfit in Disney, and she is by far the current star of the brand. As you can see, Megan's Elsa cosplay has inspired me in the decision to make this costume, and she will remain my cosplay inspiration. I've decided to make Elsa's 'ice queen' dress, as it is the most Frozen part of the whole film, if that makes sense?


As you can see here, I'm not making Anna's coronation dress (even though it is absolutely the more beautiful dress). I think, for my first real go at making cosplay, it might be a bit too hard. So, I'm going to make this dress for my friend Sam. I'm not sure how the rosemailing will go, but I'll try my best.

If you want to follow my cosplay inspiration further, you can follow my cosplay board on Pinterest. There'll be plenty more updates on the project over here too, if you're interested.


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  1. Ugh I love frozen so much!