Tuesday 21 April 2015

Lemon Sorbet

Dress, shoes, jacket- Primark
Sunglasses- ASOS
Necklace- I Love Crafty
Lipstick- MAC Cinderella

I'm wearing something that's actually currently in the shops again! I first got this dress about three years ago from Primark, and, because the £5 dress is clearly a very popular style in the warmer months, it has been re released in a variety of colours, one being this lovely shade of lemon. I thought it was a perfect dress to wear with light layers in the warm weather that we've been having on and off recently. 

This blog post also finally sees the debut (on here, anyway) of my I Love Crafty Cinderella necklace, which I've been wearing pretty much daily since it arrived. I'm actually thinking of ordering a castle too, to add to my collection.



  1. I love the design and patterned eyelet detail of your pastel lemon coloured Primark dress! It looks pretty styled with the black tights and denim jacket.


  2. I really like your dress. I can't believe it's from Primark.