Tuesday 19 January 2016

What Nicola Did

Blouse- Primark / Skirt- Topshop / Cardigan- Topshop / Shoes- Primark

Look, I'm wearing something that is actually in store now! That's a rare thing for me, but, after getting a £20 gift card at work, I decided it was finally time to invest in a denim skirt. I'm not a massive denim fan, I haven't worn jeans in almost 12 years, so I wasn't sure about a skirt either, but I just thought, what the heck? I decided to just keep the outfit simple by adding a plain white blouse and blue cardigan, none of which are available in store anymore, because I can't have too much new stuff all in one go.

This post is so titled because I've decided that this is my most 'What Olivia Did' looking outfit, which, considering she is the coolest cat ever, is not a bad thing at all.



  1. I am glad that I am not the only non-jean wearing person in the UK. I just don't like the image/feel of denim. I never wore trousers either until about two years ago but now wear them regularly during the winter as, once I took the plunge to buy some, I actually found them very comfy and versatile. Do you wear trousers?

    1. No I never wear trousers either, or very rarely. I just don't find them comfortable