Friday 4 March 2016

Disney Bucket List and Confessions

I was originally going to do this as two separate posts but now I've decided to put them together in one. 

I've seen a few of these Disney bucket lists and Disney confessions posts floating around on the Disney blogosphere lately and so I thought I'd join in with all the fun. I'll start with my bucket list, because everyone loves to read a bucket list, right?

1. Visit every Disney park in the world.
2. Have every princess meal available.
3. Own all the Disney classics on dvd.
4. Wake up at Disney on my birthday.
5. Get an annual passport for Disneyland Paris.
6. Stay at all of the "Disneyland hotels" (the most prestigious ones I mean)
7. Be the first one in the park.
8. Go to a Disney film premiere.
9. Be an extra in a live action Disney film.
10. Go to a Disney park every year.

I hope I get to do a few of these, I love making these lists of things I'd love to do. Now, on to my confessions.

1. I don't like Toy Story. Or Snow White.
2. I have never eaten any Mickey shaped food.
3. I would hate to go on a Disney cruise (or any cruise, for that matter)
4. I don't like Rock n Rollercoaster.
5. There are quite a few Disney films that I haven't seen.
6. I don't like the "people" tsum tsums, only the animal ones. I also don't like the animator dolls.
7. I have no interest whatsoever in going on the Tower of Terror.
8. I cry at Magic on Parade. Every time.
9. I think Disneyland Paris will always be my favourite Disney park. Soz.
10. My favourite thing to do at a Disney park is just soak up the atmosphere.

What are your Disney confessions? And what's on your Disney bucket list? 


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  1. OMG I'm so glad to have found another Disney fan in the blogosphere <3 all these things are on my bucket list too, I also really want to ride an attraction with one of the characters eg the teacups with Alice and the Wonderland crew <3 and my confession is that I've never been on a rollercoaster or thrill ride at Disney (I'm a wimp) and I'm not a huge Lion King fan xx