Saturday 9 April 2016

Saturday Catch Up

My favourite Instagram account (Megan) / I made myself into a Powerpuff Girl / got a medium Marie Tsum Tsum / blossoms on a grey day / filming Disney videos for YouTube / Gilmores / Batman graphic novel / hit the 30 days until Disney mark / an evening of Sailor Moon.

I am such a bad blogger lately, I only posted once between last week's Saturday catch up and today. I have loads of ideas, but I think I've been getting lazy, I will be changing that next week. This week has been quite a quiet one really, I've not done much except dream about Disneyland.

This week I have been...finishing my Easter eggs, watching Gilmore Girls, getting back into YouTube, watching Sailor Moon, finding new Disney bloggers to follow, joining in the Disney Bloggers Chat for the first time in weeks, wishing the weather would get nicer, reading.


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