Tuesday 5 April 2016

The Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Part One: Classic

It was in a Twitter message between some fellow Disney bloggers and I that the topic of conversation of Disneyland Paris Annual Passports came up. In the conversation, I and many others had quite a lot of questions about the annual passes, the different ones and their benefits, so I thought I'd do a little three part series on here, one part for each pass, incorporating an interview with a Disney blogger/vlogger who has each pass, and to start with, we will be talking about the Classic pass.

Here are the official facts about the Classic pass, as indicated on the Disneyland Paris website...

The most pocket-friendly choice at €135
Admission on 280 days.
10% discount in the Disneyland® Paris shops and restaurants
From €109 (€0.99 tourist tax /adult/night not included ) for one night at Disney's Hotel Santa Fe® and / or Disney 's Hotel Cheyenne®
Plus plenty more perks...

The blackout days of this pass can be found here.

My blogger interview for this pass comes from Sarah, who has this annual pass.

1. Why did you choose the AP you did?
Purely due to price, it worked out same cost as the 3 day ticket
2. What are the benefits of your AP to you?
10% discount on food & merchandise were a huge benefit for me, being able to return and not have to worry about tickets was a bonus ;)
3. Do the blackout dates affect you in any way?
No, due to not being restricted when I can go I find them easy enough to work around
4. Would you ever consider upgrading your ap?
I was considering a few times for the 20% merchandise discount and to be able to go over Halloween but think I've decided against it now
5. Was the process of getting your AP easy?
Extremely, applied via post and just sent completed form, passport size photo and photocopy of passport. Had my pass arrive within about 10 working days

6. Would you recommend your type of AP?

If you can work around the blackout days, don't mind no EMH if you're off site then absolutely, it's a bargain

Annual passes can be bought on site or by calling Disney, the number is listed on their website.

I hope you all found this little piece on the first Annual Pass helpful, part two will be coming soon.


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