Monday 2 May 2016

Weekly Catch Up

First of all, sorry for the lack of blogging this last week and a bit, I just wasn't feeling up to it after Disneyland. I'm back now though, with a catch up post that I've now decided to rename weekly catch up instead of Saturday catch up. Anyway, on with the catch up:

Weather for Paris / white Lion bar / Disney excitement / all the Disneyland Paris.

Even more Disneyland Paris x4 / new Yankee tea lights / missing Forest of Enchantment / sundae Sunday / more dlp.

This week (and a bit) I have been... Well, mainly, I have been in Disneyland Paris (post to come soon, or you can watch the first vlog by searching Nic ooh la la blog on YouTube), meeting new people, hanging with kindred spirits, celebrating Lee's birthday, drinking all the hot chocolate, shopping and planning future Disney trips.


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