Thursday 11 August 2016

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review

Right, this book came out almost two weeks ago now, so I think I've left people enough time to read it before posting my review.

Literally everyone has been waiting years for JK Rowling to return with another Harry Potter story, and when the Cursed Child was announced, I eagerly booked tickets for the play. Then, it was announced that the play's script would be released, which, although this disappointed a few people, excited me. I love reading plays, so I headed down to preorder the script, counting down the days until release date.

I read this script in one evening, granted, I do read plays very quickly (I read Pygmalion in about an hour) but I just could not put this down. There were so many twists in both parts of the play, and I was gobsmacked numerous times. I've read some reviews saying the older characters acted a bit out of character in the play, but I think each character was perfectly adapted and updated; Harry especially was characterised exactly as I would have imagined him in the story.  My favourite new character was absolutely Scorpius, his character had so much depth and I am excited to see the young actor bring him to life. I am undecided as to how I feel about Albus Severus.

The story was something else I also loved, though I did find the attempt to bring back Cedric a bit random, like, I understand why they wanted to do it, but I just thought it was a bit random. I really, really loved the story though, and considering JK didn't write the script, it captured the essence of her writing wonderfully, and think it will work perfectly as a play as opposed to a film. The bit I am most excited to see in the play is the magic.

Overall, I obviously loved this play, and it has made me eager for November to hurry up so I can go and experience this play in the medium it was made for.


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