Wednesday 10 August 2016

Lush Sakura Bath Bomb

After my Disney audition a few weeks ago (which I will talk about in more detail soon) I decided to treat myself to a new item from Lush. I almost picked up my usual Creamy Candy, but then I saw this Sakura bath bomb. So I picked it up to give it a smell, of course, and I loved it. So I picked one up and took it to the till. And I've only just gotten around to using it because of having a couple of bubble bar leftovers. 

Anyway, I used this bath bomb on Sunday evening, and I literally stayed in the bath for such a long time. The bath bomb fizzed when you put it in the bath, which surprised me a bit because, when you look at it, it looks like a bath bomb that'd be a creamier one rather than a fizzy one (I hope this is making a bit of sense.) and it filled the room with fragrance. I absolutely loved it, and it made my skin feel amazing! I'd highly recommend this bath bomb.


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