Saturday 8 October 2016

Pastel Mix

Jumper, Blouse- Primark / Skirt, Shoes- Topshop / Necklace- Disney Couture

I'm back! Sorry I've not blogged in so long, I just lost track of everything this past week. But I'm back now, and I'll be back to regular posting from now on. So this is one of the outfits from my Autumn Lookbook (which is live on my YouTube channel, go subscribe if you like) and one of my favourite outfits from it actually. My absolute favourite colour combination is pastel pink and pastel blue, and so I wear it absolutely every chance I get. This is actually a contender for one of my Disneyland Paris outfits at the end of the month, but this may change. 

I decided to add a touch of Disney sparkle, as I like to do every day, by wearing my castle Disney Couture necklace. Also, I wore my absolute favourite shoes that I own (but barely wear for fear of them getting ruined in the rain), my Topshop Minis. I originally wanted the tan ones, but they sold out really fast, so I bought the pink ones.


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