Wednesday 9 November 2016

30 Before 30: Update

It's that time again: my bi-annual update of my 30 before 30 list. I can't believe that in just 18 months time, it'll actually be my thirtieth birthday, I literally feel about 24. But nevertheless, it will soon be here, and so, it's time for the update. If you remember, last time I made some adjustments, if not, here is a refresher, so I'm going to be working off a combination of the original list and this new one. So here we go:

Meet as many Disney bloggers/vloggers as possible
I think I've made great progress with this one, with both my April trip, the Manchester meet up and my recent Halloween trip, I've met a fair few now.

Read 200 books
I've read 137, so I will definitely do this one.

Have fun with fashion
I think I am definitely doing this one, I'm definitely wearing more of what makes me feel comfortable and happy read: pink, so I'll continue with this one.

Learn French
I've started this one, baby steps so far, but, having not learned another language in over 14 years, I'm doing well.

That's all this time, I'm hoping to do some of the bigger ones in this next six months, so fingers crossed I'll get them all done.


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