Monday 3 April 2017

My Disney Outfit Photo Ops 1

I decided to do something a bit different with my Disney outfit posts and centre them around the 25th Anniversary ride photo ops that were around the park whilst we were there. So the first day (and first photo op) was the It's A Small World photo op. This outfit was my mermaid inspired outfit, with the Adorkable Apparel top being a perfect item to meet a certain mermaid. It was also a great conversation starter, and made my meet with her so much fun. I wore the top with an old Topshop skirt, which is super comfortable to travel in, and I think it has a mermaidy feel to it, what with the texture of the skirt. This photo op is the cutest thing too, I love IASW, it is classic Disneyland, so when I saw that they had a photo op for the 25th anniversary, I knew it was the first one I wanted to track down. I also love that they've made it 25th anniversary themed by adding the 25 on to the hat. Disney are so good at themeing.


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